Supertechno 100

Supertechno 100

The 100’ Supertechno marks a giant leap in telescopic camera movement. With its extraordinary reach, the crane offers a single camera move from ground level to 32m (105ft) in one shot.

Compared to aerial photography the Supertechno 100’ offers a safe and quiet alternative to propeller-based camera support.

Panavision strongly recommends that only trained grips operate this piece of equipment. Please contact your local Panavision Remote Systems office for more information.

Technical drawings for retracted dimensions and for extended dimensions


Maximum payload   80.0lbs  
Maximum height   105.0'  
Minimum height   - 62.0' 96.0"  
Telescopic extent   15.0' 68.0" - 97.0' 61.0"  
Maximum telescopic movement speed   6.5' / sec  

Length from centre post to front

Fully extended



15.0' 68.0"
97.0' 61.0"

Length from centre post to back   23.0' 54.0"  
Overall length retracted   39.0' 57.0"  
Overall length extended   121.0' 45.0"  
Base width   12.0' 14.0"  
Center post height   18.0' 50.0" - 24.0' 67.0"  
Total weight   9184lbs  
*Minus measurement indicates the front is Below Ground Level