Key Head

Key Head

The motorised camera support Key Head is ultra modular by design. The system can be configured in up to 26 configurations offering a variety of set-up and rigging options : dolly, very small arm, lighting pedestal, etc ...

The Key Head includes a Lite or a Studio console and a set of motors with bracketry in order to build your own remote camera support.


  • 2 Axis remote head
  • Full digital motor drive
  • Plug and play
  • Easy to set up
  • 26 configurations available
  • Can be mounted on any kind of support
  • Includes a Lite console and a set of motors with bracketry in order to build your own remote camera support
  • All component parts are Mitchell / Moy / Chapman fitting
  • No Technician required



Full control via Pan and Tilt handwheels
or Preston Microforce


Pan and Tilt adjustable speed
Pan and Tilt reverse switch
Pan and Tilt Lock and Limits
Battery status indicator
Emergency stop
Programmable settings
Adjustable drag on handwheel
Adjustable Pan/Tilt lag on remote head
Pand and Tilt speed 180° /s        
Power requirement 24V DC        
Weight 30.0lbs        
Head dimensions n/a