In 1997, Panavision® and Sony collaborated on a 24P digital high definition camera that delivers big screen motion picture image quality. The Panavised camera received a heavy duty front plate and lens mount modified to work with our specially designed Primo Digital® lenses. The system accommodates most of Panavision's standard film camera accessories, as well as accessories designed exclusively for digital cinematography. In addition to the mechanical modifications, a unique optical pre-filter provides better color matching with film emulsions and enhanced resolution for blue screen effects cinematography. The camera uses the ULTRAVIEW® viewfinder for studio and handheld cine-style use. It presents a 2-times larger image along with a larger diopter range.


Imager - RGB 2/3" CCD

Effective Pixels - 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) each

Power - 12 v DC (range 11-17v)

Built-in Filters - ND Filters, CC Filters

Lens Mount - Panavision HD Mount (proprietary)

Plates - Dovetail Plate for Regular Mode, Steadicam® Plates, Bottom Dovetail Plate for Regular Mode, Top Handle Plate for Low Mode

Sensitivity - Minimum ISO 320 tungsten

Cassette Tape - HDCAM: BCT-22HD, BCT-32HD, or BCT-40HD

Running Times - 22 min. @ 30 fps  or  27.5 min. @ 24fps, 32 min. @ 30 fps  or  40.0 min @ 24fps, 40 min. @ 30 fps  or  50.0 min. @ 24fps

Audio Quality - 20 bit, 48kHz Digital (up to 4 channels)

Preset Storage - Sony Memory Stick

Eyepiece - Panavision Ultraview® 2 modes: Extension and Intermediate / Hand-held or Ultraview® Color Viewfinder

SMARTLENS™ Compatibility - High resolution digital encoders to record, T-stop, focus, and zoom positions