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Gold GII

Golden Panaflex GII Camera System - PFX-GII

Building on the success of the original Panaflex 35mm camera introduced in 1972, the Gold (1976) and Gold II (1987) continue to provide reliable film capture. The Gold and GII accept the complete complement of Panavision® 35mm lenses and accessories. Top- or rear-mountable 500 foot or 1000 foot film magazines are suitable for either studio or hand held configurations. And the Gold II is the first camera of its kind featuring replaceable circuit boards.

The color corrected viewfinder system features the standard Panaglow® illuminated frame lines found on all Panavision cameras. Viewfinders are available in short, intermediate and long versions, allowing both studio and hand held configurations. The intermediate and long viewfinders contain a 10X image magnifier for critical eye focus.

Panavision offers a wide variety of ground glasses for the Gold cameras in virtually every format (anamorphic or spherical), including Super 35. The Golds are available in, 2-perf, 3-Perf®, or 4-perf configurations to enable significant savings in film costs without compromising image quality.

The camera has crystal controlled speeds or 24, 25, and 29.97 fps, along with a variable speed range of 4-34 fps forward. (The camera does not run in reverse.)  A variable in-shot focal plane shutter range of 50-200 degrees, digital display, dual registration pins, and dual pull down claws make this camera extremely quiet in sync sound shooting situations. Borrowing the technology developed for the Platinum camera, the GII drive system reduces the camera’s noise level from the 27db level of the original Panaflex to between 24 and 25 dB (with film).

The standard Panaflex® PAV2 Video tap  – available for both PAL and NTSC – delivers flicker free filming at all available speeds and features easy user adjustments, auto gain, ND 0.6 filter, manual iris, frame lines & character generator, and electronic de-anamorphoser.

Other camera features include a 3-position de-anamorphoser switch (spherical, anamorphic and closed), two contrast-viewing filters (0.6 and 0.9 neutral density), a behind the lens filter slot, and built-in camera body and eyepiece heaters.

The Gold cameras come with Panavision's standard package of accessories. Panavision offers a wide variety of additional accessories based on the needs of the production.


Sync sound quiet

4-40 fps forward in 1/10 frame increments

Variable in-shot focal plane shutter 50-200 degrees

Digital display

Full-fitting dual registration pins

High performance color corrected optical viewfinder

Quick studio or hand held conversion

Available in 2, 3, or 4-perf configurations

Includes PAV2 advanced video tap - bright, sharp, flicker-free, PAL or NTSC