Fisher 22

Fisher 22

The 21 and 22 Jib Arms can be used on all J.L. Fisher Camera Dollies. They are smooth, quiet and easy to set up. All Jib arms come complete with weight trollies, leveling offsets and angle plates. 

Please note that Fisher Jibs do not include a dolly. 

Standard Accessories

levelling 12 in offset       plate washer & bolt  
angle plate       hand screw and allen wrench  
detachable counterweight box       riser nut  
27 large poly coated weights, 11.5lbs each       weight trollies  
4 small poly coated weights, 3.0lbs each       transport case  


Maximum payload (with standard weights) 124.0lbs        
Maximum payload (with XRW weights) 175.0lbs        
Unloaded weight 161.0lbs        
Compatible with 9, 10 & 11 Dollies        
Maximum height on Centre Mount 137.0"        
Minimum height on Centre Mount -18.0"