Chapman Cobra

When size and weight constraints are limited, the Chapman Cobra VT22-61 is ideal for situations when standard dollies are either to large or heavy.  

Chapman designed the Cobra for productions large or small, offering features which existing Dolly Grips will be familiar with, whilst also adding new functionality such as column removal and ultra-minimal footprint.

With our in-house dolly technicians; all of our dollies are shoot ready and serviced before each production.  


  • • Compact design for small spaces

    • Easy to carry

    • Removable column (center post)

    • Specially designed 16 in track

    • Nitrogen operated

    • Two types of shift- ing handles (Conventional rotary and Standard rotary)

    • Low Rise Swivel Clutch Leveling Head

    • Adjustable and Removable Tracking Bar and Steering column.

    • Easy to adjust to Different Configurations

Panavision strongly recommends that only trained grips operate this piece of equipment.

Download the Cobra User Guide

Please contact your local Panavision Remote Systems office for more information.


Minimum Camera Mount Height - 55.8cm | 22in
Maximum Camera Mount Height - 1.55m | 5ft 1in
Vertical Travel - 99cm | 39in
Payload Range - 9-170kg | 20-375lbs
Payload Range with Center Post Insert - 340.9kg | 750lbs
Number of Stages in Column - 4 lifts
Column Diameter (when Removed) - 43.1cm | 17in
Column Charging Pressure - 80-385psi
Minimum Chassis Width - 50.8cm | 20in
Minimum Chassis Length - 57.1cm | 22.5in
Minimum Steering Column Height - 71.1cm | 28in
Maximum Steering Column Height - 95.2cm | 37.5in
Minimum Turning Radius - 43.1cm | 17in
Carrying Weight of Chassis - 28.1kg | 62lbs
Total Weight - 106.8kg | 235.5lbs
Track - CL Adjustable Straight Track (40.64cm/16in width configuration) / CL Curve Track (40.64cm/16in)