Alpha Stabilised

Alpha Stabilised Head

The Alpha was built from the ground up with an emphasis on physics and how balance plays an integral part in maintaining a stable platform.

It is focused on enhanced stability through innovative design. This bold new platform utilises 3D design software as well as the latest in digital technology with backlash-free gearboxes to ensure precise movement in a product that is lightweight yet rigid. The mechanical design is robust and adaptable enough to hold a variety of cameras as well as 3-D rigs with a unique dovetail system for fast adjustment of head size.

Download Alpha specs here.


Key features

Unique dovetail system for fast adjustment of head size       Built in power for cameras and lens control
Slip rings for 360 degree operation       Auto Horizon level
Simple BNC control cable or wireless       Programmable limits
Operation from wheels, pan-bar or joystick       Repeatable
Stabilization on all or select axis       3D Capable


Maximum payload 150.0lbs
Head mount Standard Mitchell
Head weight 60.0lbs
Power 24-34V DC or
120/240V AC
Communication BNC cable or Wireless
Head dimensions n/a