The DXL-M accessory kit, which marries the modularity and connectivity of the DXL with the smaller size and weight of RED’s DSMC2 cameras, is now available to filmmakers. In addition to the Primo HDR viewfinder, DXL menu system and LiColor2, the DXL-M now offers 2×2 SDI outputs delivering two independent monitoring paths across 4x HD-SDI outputs. Along with added accessories, battery elevator and control upgrades, these advancements add to the efficiency and flexibility. The result is a fully-equipped camera that is conveniently adaptable to any shooting scenario, including drone, remote head shots and situations where space is at a premium.


Power Input 14v
14v Power Outputs 3x Lemo
24v Power Outputs 2x Fischer
USB 1x
TC 5 pin Lemo
ADDITIONAL I/O Ethernet, Audio in and out, Sync + Control