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LRX Single PAR / Automated Stirrup

LRX LightingHeads

The LRX Single PAR head can accept a 6K, 12K, or 18K HMI bulb or a 12K tungsten bulb. The robotic yoke provides tilt, pan, spot, and flood functions, and the parabolic reflector allows smooth transitions between very narrow spot and wide flood.  

Product Details

Manufacturer LRX Lighting
Model LRX Single PAR / Automated Stirrup
Dimensions (mm)(in) 1326 x 762 x 1011
Light Source HMI or Tungsten
Type Motorised Stirrups
Power Draw (W) 6000/12000/18000
Supply Connector 1 x 16A Ceeform In, 1 x HMI 12/18K In
Lux @ 3M (3200K) 172000 (Spot) / 68800 (Flood)
Lux @ 3M (5600K) 291200 (Spot) / 344000 (Flood)
CRI n/a
CCT Range 3200-5600K
Beam Angle Min (°) 30
Beam Angle Max (°) 74
High Speed Capability Yes
Protection Rating IP20
Mounting 2 x Omega bracket w/ trigger clamp
Panalux SKU DVJQ1A0
Weight (kg)(lbs) 71.00