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LRX Scorpion 36-Light / Automated Stirrup

LRX LightingHeads

The LRX Scorpion features 36 650W bulbs for 23.4kW total output. The bulbs are grouped in three, and the fixture accepts two 19-pin Socapex cables, enabling control over output intensity without dimming. Built-in robotics allow for 360° continuous panning as well as tilting from 0° to -120°.  

Product Details

Manufacturer LRX Lighting
Model LRX Scorpion 36-Light / Automated Stirrup
Dimensions (mm)(in) 1182 x 1182 x 1011
Light Source Tungsten
Type Motorised Stirrups
Power Draw (W) 23400
Supply Connector 1 x 16A Ceeform In, 3 x 16A Soca In
CCT Range 3200K
Beam Angle Max (°) 84
High Speed Capability No
Protection Rating IP20
Mounting 2 x Omega bracket w/ trigger clamp
Panalux SKU ILK6TA7
Part Number 419AR
Weight (kg)(lbs) 64.00141