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1.8kW MSR Panalux P1.8k


This reliable, cost-effective 1.8kW open-faced daylight head features a rugged, durable design that incorporates optimized faceted-reflector technology to produce maximum light output with spot and flood control. Created by and only available from Panalux.

Product Details

Manufacturer Panalux
Model 1.8kW MSR Panalux P1.8k
Dimensions (mm)(in) 712 x 393 x 413
Type PAR
Power Draw (W) 1800
Supply Connector 1 x HMI 575/800/1.2K In
Lux @ 3M (5600K) 76000 (Spot) / 20000 (Flood)
Beam Angle Min (°) 17.1
Beam Angle Max (°) 73.7
High Speed Capability Yes
Protection Rating 23
Mounting 28mm Spigot
Weight (kg)(lbs) 14.30