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LEE Filters introduces LEE Compact 2-foot lighting gel and diffusion rolls

New form factor for LEE’s renowned lighting filters enables greater mobility at lower price point.

LONDON, England (13th June, 2023)LEE Filters, a leading manufacturer of high-quality lighting gels and photographic filters and a member of the Panavision family of brands, has announced that its most popular technical gels and lighting diffusion are now available in LEE Compact 2-foot rolls. The LEE Compact product line delivers the same quality, consistency and reliability that have made LEE Filters gels and diffusions a leading choice for lighting professionals around the globe.

With the same 25-foot length as LEE's traditional 4-foot-wide gel and diffusion rolls, the LEE Compact range offers full rolls in a smaller form factor that's easier to transport, making them ideal for independent content creators who need more than a standard sheet or gel pack but are conscious of costs and space. The 2-foot width of LEE Compact rolls is also well suited for many modern LED heads, making for less waste than when a 4-foot roll needs to be trimmed down to size. Whether looking to minimize setup, streamline transport, save on storage or make the most of budgets, the LEE Compact form factor makes it easy for creatives working on any scale of production to use on the go.

"We're constantly evaluating how we can make our products more readily available to anyone who wants to use them," said Paul Mason, Managing Director of LEE Filters. "Knowing how popular and reliable our 4-foot gel and diffusion rolls have been on major features, series, photo shoots and more, we wanted to create an even more convenient and affordable option that delivers the same consistent results for smaller studios and independent owner-operators. More creatives can now equip themselves with the same tools that have long serviced high-profile productions - and for projects already carrying 4-foot rolls, LEE Compact rolls can serve as another paintbrush for greater creative flexibility."

At launch, the LEE Compact line comprises 11 popular LEE Filters gels and diffusions: 201 Full CTB, 202 Half CTB, 203 Quarter CTB, 204 Full CTO, 205 Half CTO, 206 Quarter CTO, 209 .3ND, 210 .6ND, 211 .9ND, 216 White Diffusion and 250 Half White Diffusion. LEE Compact 2-foot rolls are available to purchase through LEE Direct in the UK and US as well as through the LEE Filters shop on Amazon. The rolls come packaged in a recyclable cardboard carton, with no plastic sleeve to further reduce waste.

To learn more, visit in the UK and in the US.