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LEE Filters introduces direct-to-consumer channel for US customers

LEE Direct US gives creatives across the United States ready access to products and speedy door-to-door delivery.

LOS ANGELES (April 12, 2023) – LEE Filters, a leading manufacturer of high-quality lighting gels and photographic filters and a member of the Panavision family of brands, has launched a new e-commerce site for its US customers, LEE Direct US. With the site, customers across the US can benefit from greater access to inventory as well as fast delivery directly to their homes, allowing them to unleash their creativity with LEE Filters' innovative products.

LEE Direct US is the company's second e-commerce site, having previously launched LEE Direct UK in 2020. Created to deliver a seamless shopping experience, LEE Direct US makes it simple for creatives to purchase from LEE Filters' family of products - including lighting packs, lens filters, filter kits, accessories and more - and will also be the home for future LEE Filters exclusives.

"Following the positive response to LEE Direct UK, it was a natural progression to bring the offering to our US customers," said Jeffrey A. Reyes, General Manager of LEE Filters USA. "We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service, and LEE Direct US extends that core philosophy by streamlining customer access to our products."

LEE Direct US representatives are available to respond to technical queries and product questions and provide general support for customers. LEE Direct US also aims to act as a resource for creatives in more isolated areas who may not have easy access to resellers.

Nick Lampke, Operations Manager for LEE Filters USA, adds: “We want to ensure that each customer, regardless of where they’re located in the United States, has convenient access to our products.”

The LEE Direct US website is now up and running and is ready to fulfill orders. Through the website, creatives can stay updated on product announcements and exciting exclusives that will only be available through LEE Direct US. To learn more and make a purchase, visit