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Scorpio Stabilized Head V

Remote Systems

The Scorpio "Stab V" head offers a wide range of motion with fast adjustments and weather-resistant stability. Its pan axis revolutions can traverse 360 degrees in 3 seconds, enabled by HD slip rings for quick movements capable of following an action-packed shot. 

Product Details

Max Head Weight (kg)(lbs) 3373
Max Camera Package Weight (kg)(lbs) 45100
Stabilized Yes
Controls Handwheels, Panbar, Joystick
Power Requirements 30v 40amp
Axis 3
Max Speed 360 degrees in 3s
Programmable Limits yes

The Scorpio Stabilized Head V is water-protected for work in humid or rainy conditions, and a rain cover offers extra protection. 


Specialized technology corrects and isolates vibrations faster, and new methods of control allow the “Stab V” head to be stable on drift and easily maintain the horizon.