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Key Head

Remote Systems

The Key Head is a robust and modular 2-axis remote head. Quick to set up and easy to use, the Key Head incorporates two motors: the sliding motor bracket and the camera bracket. The components can be assembled as a 2-axis head or roll-over rig. 

Product Details

Max Head Weight (kg)(lbs) 13.530
Max Camera Package Weight (kg)(lbs) 2555
Stabilized No
Controls Handwheels
Power Requirements 24 Volts DC
Axis 2
Max Speed 360 degrees in 2s
Programmable Limits Yes

Full digital motor drive. 


26 available configurations. 


Can be mounted on any kind of support. 


Includes a console and a set of motors with bracketry. 


All component parts are Mitchell / Moy / Chapman compatible. 


No technician required.