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MovieBird 50 XL

Remote Systems

The MovieBird 50XL was purpose-built for heavy loads, with a maximum nose load of 80kg (176 lbs.). Offering a 50-foot reach, the system retracts to a compact size and is easy to transport and move on set. A pair of telescopic rails extend from the back for additional leverage and easier arm control.  

Product Details

Crane Length Retracted (m)(ft) 5.417' 9"
Crane Length Extended (m)(ft) 18 59'
Telescopic Range (m)(ft) 11.738' 8"
Min Arm Length (center post to front) (m)(ft) 2.879' 5"
Length of Arm (center post to rear) (m)(ft) 2.51 8' 2"
Min Crane Height (m)(ft) 1.98 6' 5 "
Max Crane Height (m)(ft) 2.789' 1"
Max Lens Height (m)(ft) 14.349' 6"
Base Overall Width (m)(ft) 1.555' 1"
Base Overall Length (m)(ft) 1.65 5' 4"
Total Weight (w/o payload) (kg)(lbs) 17003750