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Versatility is the motto of the Magnum Dolly system. Offering an extensive range of accessories and numerous configuration options, the Magnum Dolly can be adapted and optimized to meet a production's individual requirements. 

Product Details

Max Camera Plate Height (cm)(in) 14858.25
Min Camera Plate Height (cm)(in) 8031.5
Min Camera Plate Height (w/ Adapter) (cm)(in) 104
Boom Travel (cm)(in) 6826.75
Max Nose Load (kg)(lbs) 130 (low rig), 300 (column)286 (low rig), 660 (column)
Dolly Length min/max (cm)(in) 74 / 9429 / 37
Dolly Width min/max (cm)(in) 44 / 7817.25 / 30.75
Steering Post / Handle Length (cm)(in) 8031.5
Turn Radius (conventional) (cm)(in) 5622
Turn Radius (round steer) (cm)(in) 5622
Operational Weight (w/o payload) (kg)(lbs) 140307