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Hybrid IV


The Hybrid IV offers an increased payload capacity of up to 700 pounds along with three-mode steering, a quick-release clip system for speedy wheel changes, and a quick jack for fast repositioning of the multi-angle axels or for changing wheel types. The hydraulic lifting arm features two modes of operation: normal and float mode. Float mode allows smooth, uninterrupted movement of the lifting arm when booming up and down. 

Product Details

Max Camera Plate Height (cm)(in) 15762
Min Camera Plate Height (cm)(in) 4819
Min Camera Plate Height (w/ Adapter) (cm)(in) 2.51
Boom Travel (cm)(in) 10943
Max Nose Load (kg)(lbs) 318700
Max Dolly Capacity (universal centre mount) (kg)(lbs) 8631900
Dolly Length min/max (cm)(in) 117 / 13746 / 54
Dolly Width min/max (cm)(in) 69 / 9927 / 39
Steering Post / Handle Length (cm)(in) 9136
Turn Radius (conventional) (cm)(in) 9537.5
Operational Weight (w/o payload) (kg)(lbs) 201463

Standard accessories: 

  • 1x heating system 

  • 1x mains cable 

  • 2x side platforms 

  • 1x front platform 

  • 1x standing platform 

  • 1x battery tray 

  • 1x 24” camera extension plate 

  • 1x 16” camera extension plate 

  • 1x 6” camera riser 

  • 1x 12” camera riser 

  • 1x seat offset 

  • 1x 12” seat riser 

  • 2x seat assemblies 

  • 1x wrench 

  • 2x long carry bars 

  • 2x medium carry bars 

  • 2x short carry bars 

  • 2x short push posts 

  • 1x hydraulic handle 

  • 1x four-way leveler 

  • 1x nose l plate 

  • 1x steering column