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Quad Dolly


The Quad Dolly is a compact, 29"-wide dolly that easily fits through doorways and can perform tight maneuvers on set. With the ability to instantly select front, rear, or four-wheel inverted steering, the Quad Dolly can handle a variety of shots. 

Product Details

Max Nose Load (kg)(lbs) 250550
Max Dolly Capacity (universal centre mount) (kg)(lbs) 250550
Dolly Length min/max (cm)(in) 12047.25
Dolly Width min/max (cm)(in) 74 / 10429 / 41
Turn Radius (round steer) (cm)(in) 8031
Operational Weight (w/o payload) (kg)(lbs) 4394
  • Removable steering rod

  • Easy-to-mount leveling legs

  • Quick-release option for pneumatic, track, or skateboard wheels

  • Removable telescopic push bar

  • Lockable steerage transmission for perfect, straight moves