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Fisher 11


The Model 11 is the smallest Fisher dolly and shares the same controls and characteristics of the Model 10, along with a complete line of accessories. Operators can utilize the Model 11’s compact size, three-way steering, and solid lift beam to perform a wide variety of shots. 

Product Details

Max Camera Plate Height (cm)(in) 13151.5
Min Camera Plate Height (cm)(in) 3514
Min Camera Plate Height (w/ Adapter) (cm)(in) 93.5
Boom Travel (cm)(in) 8534.5
Max Nose Load (kg)(lbs) 91200
Max Dolly Capacity (universal centre mount) (kg)(lbs) 408900
Dolly Length min/max (cm)(in) 10140
Dolly Width min/max (cm)(in) 52 / 6520.5 / 25.5
Steering Post / Handle Length (cm)(in) 10039
Turn Radius (conventional) (cm)(in) 8533.5
Turn Radius (round steer) (cm)(in) 4116
Operational Weight (w/o payload) (kg)(lbs) 145320

Lightweight and compact, the Fisher Model 11 operates effortlessly on straight or curved track and offers three-way steering and a solid lift beam. The reliable, quiet, smooth, and safe Fisher 11 has been engineered to meet the demanding needs of all types of productions. 

Standard accessories:  

  • 1x mains cable 

  • 2x front boards 

  • 2x high side boards 

  • 2x low side boards 

  • 2x diving boards 

  • 1x front board bridge 

  • 1x seat offset high 

  • 1x 6” seat riser 

  • 2x seat assemblies 

  • 1x 6” camera riser 

  • 1x 12” camera riser 

  • 1x 10” camera extension plate 

  • 1x 24” camera extension plate 

  • 2x push-bar brackets 

  • 1x push bar 

  • 2x short carry handles 

  • 2x regular carry handles 

  • 1x set track ramps 

  • 4x track wheels 

  • 1x battery rack 

  • 1x knee bumper with Allen key & 2 pins 

  • 1x low level head 

  • 1x standard level head