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Advanced Zooms

Panavision® Advanced Zooms

Panavision Compact Zoom - PCZ

Introduced in 2007, the Panavision Compact Zoom is one of the newest entries in Panavision’s long line of successful lens developments. This lens offers high performance in a compact package. Weighing only 7.3 lbs, and 8 inches in length, the PCZ is T2.8 with a focal length range of 19-90mm and close focusing distance of 2¼ feet. 

The PCZ represents a new generation of Panavision spherical lens design. The lens uses aspheric elements to provide a wide range of commonly used focal lengths in a package about half the size and weight of comparable zooms. The PCZ allows the director to select focal lengths between 19 and 90mm without disrupting the momentum of the scene. The lens maintains constant focus and aperture throughout the zoom range. 

Optically this zoom lens combines high contrast and resolution, even field illumination and negligible veiling glare, ghosting and distortion.  The overall performance of the PCZ zoom, including matched color balance to the full range of Primo prime and zoom lenses, makes for seamless intercutting of shots from primes to zoom. Because of the great flexibility and excellent imaging performance of this lens, it is suitable for all types of production and is intended to be used for both zooming and at fixed focal lengths with minimal breathing when following focus. The lens features zero-backlash mechanics, which is especially critical when following focus. Ergonomic considerations include focus, T-stop and zoom scales engraved on both sides of the lens, standard gear locations for focus, T-stop and zoom and the same front diameter as the 4:1 Primo Zoom (SLZ).


Advanced Zooms
FOCAL LENGTH 19-90 15-40 27-75 60-125
T-STOP 2.8 2.6 2.6 2.8
CLOSE FOCUS (IN) 27 24 30 42
CLOSE FOCUS (CM) 68.6 61 76.2 106.7
WEIGHT (lbs) 7.3 5.4   6.4
WEIGHT (kg) 3.3 2.4   2.9
LENGTH (in) 8 7.44 8.63 8.60
LENGTH (cm) 20.3 18.9 21.92 21.84
FRONT DIAMETER (in) 5.04 4.98 4.98 4.98
FRONT DIAMETER (mm) 128 126.5 126.5 126.5