Rigs & Mounts


Panavision Grip and Remote Systems stock a large selection of rigging and mounting equipment, please speak to your local office for more information. 


The Easyrig gives you the advantages of both a handheld camera and tripod mounted camera; i.e. with the speed and mobility of the handheld camera you can still achieve steady pictures.

Your back and shoulders are relieved since the load is redistributed to the hips, helping you to concentrate on the actual filming.


Ronford Baker High Hat or Low Hat with Moy fitting on base board          
Ronford Baker High Hat or Low Hat with Bowl fitting on base board          


The VacuRigg System is ideal for mounting cameras, lights or other accessories on all smooth surfaces like windows, cars, walls etc. 

Depending on how it is used, the three suction pads can carry a maximum payload of up to 110kg (220 lbs). The Mounting plate is designed in such a way that it can accept the camera directly or mounted with a wedge/tilt plate with 3/8″ screws. Assembly only takes seconds.

The special about the VacuRigg is the electrical pump system which keeps the vacuum automatically due to the integrated batteries. Long lasting support is guaranteed.

VacuRigg Base Kit          
1 x Camera suction plate       1 x Tension belt/ hook kit  
1 x Vacuum pump system       1 x Set of tools  
1 x Wedge/ tilt plate          
VacuRigg Extention Kit          
2 x Rigg suction plates       1 x 50cm tube Ø 33  
1 x Camera mount       1 x 80cm tube Ø 33  
2 x Clamp Rotating Ø 33-48       1 x 140cm tube Ø 33  


This fully adjustable rig has a worldwide reputation for versatility and ease of setup. Three main beams inter-connect to give you a vast range of camera positions on any type of vehicle.

Fitted horizontally, it can be mounted on vehicle bonnets/hoods, roofs, etc. Fitted vertically, it can be mounted on vehicle doors or sides.

Suitable for all vehicles including vans and trucks.

Quality rubber door clamps and suction feet prevent any damage to vehicle panels or paintwork. Fixing holes are provided on all beams to fit ratchet straps.

The Low Shot Bracket allows the Beams to be arranged for low camera positions. (i.e. wheel shots)

Please note that these systems must be installed by competent grips.


Low Levelling Head: With detachable camera plate       Lighting Spigots: For 16mm male/female lighting fittings  
Sliding Mount: Allows camera position to be changed without breaking down beam setup       Load Spreader Discs: For vehicles with lightweight body panels  
Low Shot Bracket: Essential for low-level wheel/ground shots, etc       Ratchet Straps: To securely fix the Rig to the vehicle. 1/2 ton tested x 4M length  
Boss on Plate: Fitting for all Euroboss mounts       Soft Hooks/Wedging Loops  
Paddle Mount Bracket: To mount Paddles anywhere on Rig       To protect vehicle bodywork