Moviebird 44'

Moviebird 44


  • Completely modular.
  • Digital electronics with programmability
  • Digital encoders for the levelling head to ensure a true horizontal head position
  • Compatible with all models of Remote Heads and all camera types.
  • For special effects you can even mount moving light sources on it
  • It will support most 3D rigs and heavier camera packages



Out front nose mount       Rain cover  
Night cover          


Maximum payload       118.0lbs  
Maximum height (overslung)       44.0' 3.0"  
Maximum height (underslung)       41.0'  
Minimum height       n/a  
Telescopic extent       n/a  
Maximum telescopic movement speed       4.3' / sec  

Length from centre post to front

Fully extended



Length from centre post to back       n/a  
Overall length retracted       n/a  
Overall length extended       53.0'  
Bucket width       n/a  
Base length       5.0' 5.0"  
Base width (studio wheels)       4.0' 3.0"  
Base width (heavy duty wheels)       n/a  
Base bottom height from floor       n/a  
Wheel height       n/a  
Track width       3.0' 3.0"  
Head dimensions       n/a  
Dolly weight       n/a  
Levelling jacks       n/a  
Column + fork weight       n/a  
Arm weight       n/a  
Sliding weights x 2       n/a  
Counterweights x 45       n/a  
Donuts x 4       n/a  
Electronic unit weight       n/a  
Head weight       n/a  
Total weight       3790.0lbs  
Maximum power requirement       n/a  
Set up time       n/a  
*Minus measurement indicates the front is Below Ground Level          

Safety Information


Panavision and The Metropolitan Police Services Film Unit strongly recommend that any camera rigging mounted to a moving vehicle or tracking vehicle is carried out or supervised by NVQ Level 3 certified Grips.

MPS Film Unit Film Unit Guidelines