Moviebird 30'

Moviebird 30


  • A telescopic crane that runs fast and quietly
  • Suitable for all types of TV and Film productions
  • A telescopic crane system that takes little time to set-up and operate
  • Rigid arm that doesn't compromise on weight for those long lens shots


Maximum payload       165.0lbs  
Maximum height (overslung)       35.0' 4.0"  
Maximum height (underslung)       31.0' 8.0"  
Minimum height       n/a  
Telescopic extent       7.0' - 30.0"  
Maximum telescopic movement speed       5.0' / sec  

Length from centre post to front

Fully extended




Length from centre post to back       7.0' 9.0"  
Overall length retracted       14.0' 9.0"  
Overall length extended       38.0'  
Bucket width       n/a  
Base length       5.0' 5.0"  
Base width (studio wheels)       4.0' 3.0"  
Base width (heavy duty wheels)       5.0'  
Base bottom height from floor       n/a  
Wheel height       n/a  
Track width       n/a  
Head dimensions       n/a  
Dolly weight       n/a  
Levelling jacks       n/a  
Column + fork weight       n/a  
Arm weight       n/a  
Sliding weights x 2       n/a  
Counterweights x 45       n/a  
Donuts x 4       n/a  
Electronic unit weight       n/a  
Head weight       n/a  
Total waight       n/a  
Maximum power requirement       n/a  
Set up time       n/a  
*Minus measurement indicates the front is Below Ground Level          

Safety Information


Panavision and The Metropolitan Police Services Film Unit strongly recommend that any camera rigging mounted to a moving vehicle or tracking vehicle is carried out or supervised by NVQ Level 3 certified Grips.

MPS Film Unit Film Unit Guidelines