Mini Scorpio EZ Head

Service Vision are known for high quality equipment, and their Mini Scorpio EZ Head is no different offering incredibly non-stabilised smooth movements even in extreme slow or high speed.

Utilising its modular design, the EZ head accommodates a variety of camera sizes and weights, only limited by its 45kg payload.


  • • 2 axis remote head for video, film and HD cameras.

    • Booth Axis have a central hole: 50mm (2") Pan and 70mm (2,7") Tilt for passing cables through them.

    • Mini Scorpio EZ Head can be controlled from up to 500 meters by cable serie RS485 or by wireless half-duplex microwave 2,4GHz

    • All accessories from the Scorpio Classic Head, Scorpio Stabilized Head, Scorpio Focus, Mini Scorpio Head and Micro Scorpio Head are compatible

    • Using the new EZ Control (without display) Limit, speed and Damping adjustment available.

    • 3 control system are available: JDR (Pan Bar), Joystick and Handwheels

    • 1 connection for Scorpio Focus or others lens control systems.

    • Adjustable and Removable Tracking Bar and Steering column.

    • All information transferable to a computer by 232

Panavision strongly recommends that only trained grips operate this piece of equipment.

Download the Mini Scorpio EZ Technical Guide

Please contact your local Panavision Remote Systems office for more information.


Weight - 13.5kg | 30lbs
Max.Load - 45kg | 99lbs
Pan Tilt 360 degrees
Power from battery or power supply 24 V to 35 V
1 connection for Scorpio Focus or others lens control systems
Max. speed in all axis 2,5 sec. for 360 degrees