Hustler 4

Hustler 4

Chapman's top of the range studio Dolly (also used on location), designed for stability where heavier loads/camera packages need a rock steady platform. The Hustler is packed with features that make it an incredibly versatile Dolly for any size production. The Hustler has a built in heater system for the hydraulic oil to ensure perfectly smooth operation of all its key components in very cold temperatures.

The Hustler IV is a solid chassis (fixed width) Dolly able to carry and lift larger payloads on it's hydraulic arm, including many types of Jib Arms. There is plenty of room for a camera operator and focus puller for ride on filming. The Hustler can perform x6 full height lifts on a full charge (under full weight). The Dolly can be re-charged in 60 seconds using the electric pump (a manual pump is also available but takes longer to achieve full charge, around two minutes). The new wheel design improves the Hustlers ride on track.

The Hustler comes complete with a variety of accesories and mounting bracketry. 


Camera mount height (with standard 12” riser) 72”  
Camera mount height (without risers) 60”  
Minimum camera mount height (without risers) 18”  
Minimum camera mount height (with standard 12” riser) 30.75”  
Minimum camera mount height (w/ 90 degree plate) 2”  
Vertical travel 42”  
Maximum payload with accumulator charge at 3,300 psi* 750lbs  
Maximum Boom lifts (fully charged at 3,300 psi) 6 lifts  
Chassis length 27.5”  
Chassis width 51”  
Steering post height 40.75”  
Front deck height 12.75”  
Rear deck height 17”  
Minimum deck height for transportation 19.5”  
Minimum turn radius (round mode) 28”  
Minimum turn radius (conventional mode) 46”  
Accumulator charging time (110 A.C. and D.C.) under 60 sec.  
Accumulator charging time (Hand Pump) 2 min.  
Carrying weight 465lbs  
Operational weight (w/o payload) 505lbs  
Hustler w/ High Post Kit Operational Weight (w/o Payload) 465lbs  
*Weights will vary depending on the accessories used