Fisher 10

Fisher 10

The Fisher 10 Dolly is manufactured from the highest quality materials and components to meet the demanding needs of the motion picture, television and commercial industries.

This reliable Dolly offers operators versatile features and a wide variety of accessories. Popular for its smooth, quiet and easy to use characteristics, with a reputation for being safe, well-made and low maintenance.

Standard Accessories

1 x mains cable       1 x 24” camera extension plate  
2 x front board       2 x push bar bracket  
2 x high side boards       1 x push bar  
2 x low side boards       2 x push posts  
2 x diving boards       2 x regular carry handles  
2 x standing boards       1 x set track ramps  
1 x seat offset       4 x track wheels  
1 x 6” seat riser       1 x battery rack  
2 x seat assemblies       1 x knee bumper with allen key & 2 pins  
1 x 6” camera riser       1 x low level head  
1 x 12” camera riser       1 x standard level head  
1 x 10” camera extension plate       1 x set track wheels  


Maximum lift beam elevation 63.00”  
Minimum lift beam elevation (standard head) 13.75”  
Minimum lift beam elevation (low level head) 3.32”  
Maximum beam travel 47.00”  
Maximum payload of lift beam 500.0lbs  
Maximum payload 1200.0lbs  
Maximum beam lifts (fully charged) 7 lifts  
Chassis maximum length 55.25”  
Chassis operational height 38.50”  
Minimum chassis height for transportation 25.50"  
Chassis maximum width (wheels fully extended) 32.00”  
Chassis minimum width (wheels fully retracted) 26.62”  
Steering post height 38.75”  
Minimum turn radius (round steering) 22.00”  
Minimum turn radius (conventional steering) 44.00”  
Carrying weight 435.0lbs