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Panavision at the Tribeca Film Festival

The festivities may have officially wrapped on April 27th, but the buzz for the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival is still going strong at Panavision New York, which was a proud sponsor of the festival for the 7th year.

In addition to providing equipment to support the festival production, Panavision also sponsored a cocktail reception during the first week of the festivities which brought together over 100 filmmakers and industry insiders in celebration of the festival and creativity.

“What an amazing opportunity to meet with filmmakers who were debuting their work for the first time,” says Terra Bliss, the Vice President and General Manager of Panavision New York. “Their enthusiasm was contagious and is the reason why we love supporting them to achieve their vision.”

Fifteen Panavision-supported films were accepted into the festival, and ten of the movies were screened in competition for awards in a variety of categories including World Narrative, Shorts, and Special Releases.

“Chef,” a comedy that explores life in the food truck business was announced as a winner of one of the coveted audience awards. The film, which was shot on an Alexa Plus using the C series anamorphic lenses, was supported by Panavision Woodland Hills. It was written and directed by staring actor, Jon Favreau. 

Debut film, “Gabriel” by new filmmaker, Lou Howe, was the Narrative Competition opener. The drama which stars Rory Culkin, was supported by Panavision New York, and used Alexa cameras and the Primo Prime lenses.

"Panavision's support was essential every step of the way,” says Howe.  “They've been incredible to work with from day one all the way through our premiere at Tribeca. We literally could not have made the movie without them."